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Low Level Laser Therapy Success Stories

Low Level Laser Therapy Success Stories

Many people ask us here at Pulse Laser Relief “will the Handy Cure Laser work for me?”

The Handy Cure Laser may be beneficial for treating a range of painful conditions, by aiding the body’s own natural healing processes. Yet the real proof is in what our customers say. Many customers are so delighted with the great results they’ve had with the Handy Cure laser that they share their experience with us and others. Here are some of their stories:

Customer Testimonials

Robyn in Sydney, NSW

“I had a severe flare up of my arthritis in my hands at the end of last year. At [my physio's] recommendation I began using the laser. Very quickly I had relief from the heat, pain and swelling in my joints. I now have minimal pain and more movement which is wonderful.” 

Kathleen of Ryde, NSW

I have sustained 3 injuries. I am SO glad that I purchased this product, as recommended by my pain management doctor. It is an integral part of my pain management plan. It is so easy to use & so lightweight that I take it overseas with me. I just wish I'd bought it sooner.”

Stan from Roseville, NSW

“My wife uses it for inflammation and pain following a knee replacement. Pain and swelling have gone and any recurrence is now well controlled. I use for neck problems and also carpal tunnel pain. Again amazingly effective and no need for analgesics.”

Helen from Adelaide, SA

“For many years I have suffered from Lateral Eplcondylitis (Tennis Elbow). In fact, introduction to Laser treatment saved me from surgery. Now I am at the stage however where age and repetition continually aggravates the long term damage to my elbows and shoulders. I was pleased to find, the Handy Cure Laser proved to be an affordable safe unit when used as directed. I enjoy the convenience of being able to treat any sore spot in the privacy of my own home with the added benefit of almost immediate relief which reduces the number of professional visits needed.”

Thank you to all our customers for sharing their experience.

To read more success stories about the Handy Cure Laser, visit our independent testimonial page on Word Of Mouth Online.

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