Treating Acute Injuries with Low Intensity Laser Therapy

Treating Acute Injuries

Acute or short-term pain is commonly caused through injury. Athletes are especially prone to injuries, including

  • Sprains
  • Muscle and ligament tears
  • Dislocations
  • Inflammation
Sports Injury

Low Intensity Laser Therapy acts to reduce the inflammation surrounding damaged soft tissue and relieve the debilitating associated pain. Many professional athletes are supporters of low level laser therapy to treat sports related injuries and post-performance recovery.

The laser works at the cellular level to increase blood circulation and accelerate healing, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It targets the site of pain directly. Reducing the pain and inflammation of an injury can mean faster healing and recovery.

Treatment Method

For short-term pain, select the 50Hz program mode on the Handy Pulse Laser. Hold the laser directly on to the pain affected area, onto bare skin. Touching the skin, hold still or scan slowly for the duration of the treatment session. A laser treatment takes a few minutes and can be repeated daily for a course of 3 weeks.

Important note for patients: Please always consult your health professional to determine if the Handy Pulse Laser will be beneficial for you.

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