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Light is Essential for Life

Just as light sustains life on Earth as the primary energy source for photosynthesis in plants, it is essential for human health.

Light regulates various physiological processes in the body

Exposure to natural light helps maintain the body's circadian rhythm, which governs sleep-wake cycles, hormone production, and overall well-being. Additionally, light exposure stimulates the production of vitamin D, crucial for bone health and immune function. So the human body is designed to absorb light making Low Level Laser


The Handy Pulse Laser

Pain Relief In The Palm Of Your Hand

Do you suffer from:


Back and neck pain

Tennis elbow and sports injuries


The Handy Pulse Laser therapy device uses the healing power of 3 different low intensity light wavelengths to relieve the pain and inflammation associated with many short and long-term pain conditions.

Where is your pain? Pain and inflammation in knees, ankles, feet or hands?

The Handy Pulse Laser has three different treatment modes for different types of pain, and the user guide has 15 treatment protocols for a range of conditions that cause:

  • Sensitive Pain
  • Acute Pain
  • Chronic Pain

The Handy Pulse Laser is a leading home Low Level Laser device used by patients and practitioners for more than 12 years.


Low Level Laser

The Power of Low Level Laser Therapy

It works by promoting and accelerating the body’s natural healing process to repair damaged tissue. LLLT has been scientifically studied for 40 years and is trusted by health professionals, athletes and patients around the world.


Why use Level Laser Therapy for Pain?

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as photobiomodulation, uses low intensity lasers and light emitting diodes (LEDs) at the infrared and visible red wavelengths to relieve pain and reduce inflammation caused by damaged tissue. Health professionals around the world use Low Level Laser Therapy to treat patients suffering from a range of pain conditions. Low Level Laser Therapy can assist to:

Level Laser
Relieve muscle and joint pain Relieve muscle and
joint pain
Assist healing Assist
Reduce swelling Reduce
Promote relaxation Promote relaxation of muscles to alleviate spasms
Improve functionality Improve functionality
and mobility
Relieve stiffness Relieve

Laser Therapy Benefits

Iaso Ultra Device

Iaso Ultra device

The Iaso Ultra Laser employs four distinct wavelengths—Infrared 905nm, 830nm, Red 650nm, and Blue 435nm—to effectively target and alleviate various bodily ailments by penetrating deep into tissues and stimulating cellular repair and regeneration processes. Complementing the low-level light therapy is heat therapy, which enhances blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and promotes healing. Additionally, massage vibration treatment aids in the dilation of blood vessels, further facilitating the healing process alongside the light and heat therapies provided by the device.


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Learn More about Low Level Laser Therapy

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Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is not a newly-discovered treatment. Health professionals around the world use low level laser therapy to treat patients suffering from a range of pain conditions.

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Pulse Laser Relief’s Mission

Welcome to Pulse Laser Relief from Stuart the founder

As the CEO and Founder of Pulse Laser Relief like many of our customers, I too endured numerous visits to healthcare professionals, specialists, and reliance on medications to manage my pain.

I learned about low-level laser therapy through my then physiotherapist Dr Ann Liebert. I was blown away by all the clinical evidence she showed me, and that laser light had been used for a range of conditions for over 40 years! And I had never heard of it, even with my mum being a physio.

Motivated by this pain journey and wanting a flexible job with my two young kids, I established Pulse Laser Relief with a vision to offer individuals access to quality photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) devices for use in the comfort of their homes, workplaces, or on holiday. Read more

Mission for Home Health

Many Australians – in fact, as many as one in five people – experience chronic pain. Symptoms can be debilitating headaches, back pain or arthritis pain, which strikes every day. When pain is chronic it can severely limit a person’s capacity to do every-day things.

This invisible illness can effectively control their life. Feeling reliant on strong painkillers or other passive treatments to relieve symptoms is one of the most disempowering aspects of chronic illness. Recent studies have found strong painkillers may be helpful for short-term pain only and not recommended for long-term pain conditions.

Take Back Control with Self Health

You can play a significant role in how pain and other symptoms affects your life. Evidence shows that people with chronic pain who are actively involved in managing their pain on a daily basis, have less disability than those who are engaged in passive therapies, such as taking medication or surgery (Source: Pain Australia).

One emerging treatment option will radically change the way you manage your pain. By harnessing the power of light to relieve symptoms at home, a photobiomodulation or low-level laser home device gives you an easy-to-use, effective tool in your self-health toolkit.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), or photo-biomodulation, harnesses the natural therapeutic powers of light to boost the body’s natural healing response. Developed for over 40 years, LLLT has been adopted by health practitioners and patients worldwide and is an alternative to drugs to treat long-term pain. For decades, LLLT has been used to effectively treat pain, inflammation, swelling, and many other conditions. Using low-intensity lasers and LEDs, our devices direct a non-invasive, pure beam of light directly to the source of pain and inflammation, which is gently absorbed through the skin, going to work at the body’s cellular level.

You may not feel it working beneath the skin, but Low-Level Laser energy is powerful! The energy from a pure beam of low-level laser and LED light helps restore the body from within by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Plus, by allowing you to take an active role in your own treatment, a home device restores confidence and gives you a sense of control over the pain. Nothing can stop you now!

Our handy, home devices are engineered to reduce joint pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle stiffness, support recovery from injury, reduce swelling and spasm, and improve your health and wellbeing from head to toe.