Joint Pain Treatment Low Intensity Laser Therapy

Treating Joint Pain with Low Level Laser Therapy

Joint pain is a common complaint suffered by many people from all walks of life. Mild joint pain whether it be in the knees, fingers, wrists, ankles, hips, hands or feet can be uncomfortable for sufferers. Sometimes there is associated feeling of heat or warmth around the joint. If the pain continues, it can cause stiffness and limit your mobility. Painful swelling also can compromise your ability to do everyday tasks and can affect your overall quality of life - preventing you from doing the things in life you love to do!

There are many causes of joint pain. It can be caused by injury, overuse of the joints, infections or illnesses such as the flu or mumps. Joint pain is also often one of the symptoms in conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia and gout. Arthritis is also a major contributor to joint pain and can affect people at any age.

The joints are where bones connect, bone to bone and allow movement. The pain experienced with joint pain is a result of inflammation to the surrounding tissues, tendons, ligaments or muscles.

Some of the common joints prone to pain include:

  • ankles
  • feet
  • shoulders
  • wrists and hands
  • knees
  • hips

Laser Therapy for Joint Pain

There is evidence that Low Level Laser Therapy can help can normalise damaged or injured tissue by reducing the inflammation. Laser light therapy can also assist in reducing healing time (Martin 2003). Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) used directly on the joint or affected area acts to temporarily reduce the inflammation surrounding the joint and relieve the associated pain. The use of LLLT can accelerate the healing process and is ideal to be used immediately after injury.

Joints Pain Treatment

The laser uses specific wavelengths of light and interacts with the cells and tissue. Passing through the skin layers (the dermis, epidermis, and the deeper subcutaneous tissue) it targets the site of pain directly. Once the light passes through the skin layers, it is absorbed and works at the cellular level to increase blood circulation, reduces inflammation and relieves pain. For people with mild joint pain, a reduction in pain and inflammation can mean improved mobility and overall wellness. With a reduced healing time it can mean you can get back to doing the things you enjoy doing in life!

Treatment Method

The Handy Pulse Laser is an easy-to-use hand held device, using LLLT technology, that you can conveniently use at home or on the move. It comes with three mode settings - 50Hz, 5 Hz and Variable.

Simply switch on, select the mode suitable for your condition. Hold the laser onto the bare skin pointing directly on to the affected area. While touching the skin, hold the laser still or scan slowly around the affected joint for the duration of the treatment session. Each session is auto-timed for 5 minutes. Every patient and medical condition is unique and not all people will respond to therapy in the same way. Some people will find relief after only one or two sessions, but for some conditions it is recommended to use the Handy Pulse Laser daily for up to 3 weeks to get the full benefits.


Martin, R. "Laser-Accelerated Inflammation/Pain Reduction and Healing", Practical Pain Management (2003), vol. 3, no. 6.

Important note for patients: Please always consult your health professional to determine if the Handy Pulse Laser will be beneficial for you.