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The Pulse Laser Relief Story  

The relieving effects of light transformed Stuart’s life and inspired him to help others
Before discovering Low Level Laser Therapy, Stuart McComb experienced debilitating headaches, back pain and neck pain every day. Like one in five Australians who live with chronic pain, he knew the frustration of searching for relief and finding nothing helped.

After many years with no improvement, the pain was controlling his life, severely limiting what he could do. Stuart grew tired of endless treatments and pain medications that provided little lasting relief and often had negative impacts with long-term use.

A recommendation from a physiotherapist introduced Stuart to Low-Level Laser Therapy.

Used as part of a multi-modal treatment approach as directed by health professionals, together with exercise and other prescribed treatments, low-level laser therapy helped Stuart manage the pain so he could participate in life and work.

The main advantage of this remarkable, drug-free therapy was it could be used daily, in the comfort and convenience of home. Evidence shows that people with chronic pain who are actively involved in managing their pain on a daily basis have less disability than those who are engaged in passive therapies, such as taking medication or surgery (Source: Pain Australia).

Discovering a low-level laser home device changed the way he managed his pain and completely transformed his outlook on life. Now in control of pain, Stuart’s mission is to help others be empowered too. Today, his company, Pulse Laser Relief is dedicated to helping people in Australia and New Zealand manage their pain more effectively.

About Pulse Laser Relief

Pulse Laser Relief supports health professionals such as pain specialist doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, and chiropractors and patient by supplying simple and relatively affordable lasers for home use. Patient home treatment regimes that are prescribed by professionals have been found to complement other treatments for a range of painful and inflammatory ailments. The company's mission is to increase the general public's awareness of Low-Level Laser Therapy and its wide applications.

Low Level Laser Light Therapy for treating pain is a rapidly growing branch of medicine, and now has a new name - Photobiomodulation. Read more about this remarkable, all-natural Low Level Laser Therapy.

The company has helped thousands of people discover the benefits of Low-Level Laser Therapy for a range of painful conditions.

About the Handy Pulse Laser

The Handy Pulse Laser device is a hand-held, therapeutic medical device useful for pain management and to help facilitate functional restoration and improvement. The device is listed in the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods - ARTG ID: 220699. The laser devices are designed to be used by patients under the direction of medical specialists. Read the scientific research investigating the combination of three complementary radiances of the Handy Cure (Handy Pulse) Laser.

Handy Pulse Laser Reseller Program (AUS & NZ)

Pulse Laser Relief is looking for Resellers for the Handy Pulse Laser in Australia and New Zealand to both professional practitioners and for patients. Low Level Laser Light Therapy for treating pain is a rapidly growing branch of medicine, and now has a new name - Photobiomodulation.

The Handy Pulse Laser which includes a super pulsed infrared 905nm laser, which is popular amongst the laser research professionals, as the 905nm GaAs laser has the second best scientific documentation after the HeNe lasers. Our Resellers supplies the device with chargers for Australian and New Zealand power outlets (AS/NZS 3112), as compared to those used in North America, and includes a two year warranty on the laser devices. Please Contact Us to find out more information how you can partner with us.