Vielight X-Plus Australia

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Vielight X-Plus
The X-Plus combines the 633 Red with photobiomodulation directed at specific locations, such as the brain stem and cerebellum.  Its versatile design enables it be used on other parts of the body as well as in combination with the Neuro Alpha and Neuro Gamma.

The Vielight X-Plus  has multiple uses:-

1. Its 810nm light energy emitting from the headpiece can be directed to the
  • cerebellum, brain stem and mid-brain
  • thymus gland to stimulate the immune system
  • vagus nerve to stimulate parasympathetic function

2. The intranasal red 633 nm wavelength can be added to bring light therapy into the body, for systemic treatment (circulatory system).

3. The X-Plus can be used in combination with the Neuro Alpha or Neuro Gamma.  Light from the X-Plus is intended to triangulate with light from the Neuro modules to stimulate deeper reaches of the brain, such as the diencephalon and midbrain. Have a look at our Vielight Device Comparison Table here
The Vielight X-Plus device comes with a 633 nm intranasal applicator and 810 nm transcranial diode and a one year's manufacturer guarantee.