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Chronic pain laser treatment features on 9 news Queensland

Chronic pain laser treatment features on 9 news Queensland

Low Level Laser Therapy was featured on Channel 9 News in Brisbane (April 2017), with an interview with Dr Mark Miller. The story featured a class IV laser which is the strongest powered laser and must be used by a trained health practitioner. The Pulse Handy Laser is a Class I laser, which can be safely used at home without the need for specific training. 

This news report identified that many chronic pain sufferers were finding relief from Low Level Light Therapy (also called Photobiomodulation, or PBM), which is used to treat several conditions from injuries like sprains and strains, arthritis and even lower back pain. 

Following the news story, we receive a flood of questions and interest from pain sufferers who have heard about this treatment for the first time. Many people are surprised to learn that they can use a home care laser themselves, helping them feel empowered to manage their own pain, and cut down on excessive clinic visits, medication and medical bills.

Home Low-level laser devices like the Handy Pulse Laser are intended as a useful tool in the pain management toolbox. When used in conjunction with exercise, low level laser therapy (LLLT) can help manage pain, increase mobility and allow patients to manage their own pain.

A study found for patients with long-term lower back pain, combining LLLT with exercise has been found to be more beneficial in reducing pain than exercise alone. (Source: Australian Journal of Physiotherapy (2007) 52: 155–160; Djavid GE, Mehrdad R, Ghasemi M, Hasan-Zadeh H, Sotoodeh-Manesh A, Pouryaghoub G)

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