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Features of the Pulse Low Level Laser Device

Features of the Pulse Low Level Laser Device

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) also known as cold laser or photo-biomodulation incorporates the therapeutic effects of different radiances including broadband infrared light and visible red light to assist living cells.

LLLT can be effective in situations where tissue has become inflamed. Inflammation of tissue is caused by reduced microcirculation which changes the quantity of blood supply to the cells resulting in tissue injury. Any influence that can shorten the duration of the reduced blood supply state will have a beneficial effect on the course of the condition and the accompanying pain.

LLLT can improve microcirculation which removes toxic waste products from the site and improves the supply of oxygen to the damaged cells. As a result tissue healing is assisted. These outcomes are achieved through chemical processes in the cells that are responsive to bio-photons leading to renewed energy production Adinotriphospate (ATP) and improvement of damaged cells.

Every patient and medical condition is unique and not all patients and conditions will respond to LLLT in the same way. The latest growing body of research indicates that the use of LLLT may aid tissue repair. LLLT increases blood supply to the affected area and assists nerve function, collagen and muscle tissue and helps promote wound healing and clot formation.

The Pulse Laser combines pulsating infrared radiation, visible red light and a static magnetic field which provide synergistic therapeutic effects. The laser is intended to be used for pain management with applications that include temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, mild arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and temporarily increasing local blood circulation.

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