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Five questions when choosing the right low level laser device for you

Five questions when choosing the right low level laser device for you


Deciding which low level laser therapy device is right for your individual needs is not easy. There are many differences between each of the products and models available – such as the way each one works, the power output, the technology, functionality and design, as well as other basic considerations like the cost and after-sales customer support. To help consumers and clinical practitioners alike, below are five questions to consider to help guide you in the right direction.

1. Suited to your pain?

Make sure you choose the right device for your specific pain. Consult your health professional and get advice.

The 905nm wavelength is optimal for penetration into tissue. For this reason, the Handy Cure 905nm Laser can provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and temporarily increase local blood circulation.

2. Laser or LED?

Make sure the Laser unit actually contains a laser diode and not just LEDs.

The Handy Cure laser has both a GaAs (905nm) Laser Diode as the primary light source along with the synergistic light sources of 4 red light LEDs (635nm) and 4 infrared LEDs (875nm).

3. How long does a treatment last?

Different laser parameters (such as wavelength and power output) alter the treatment time and effective penetration.

The Pulse Laser Relief laser is Super Pulsed allowing for effective penetration without heating. It is pre-programmed with 5-minute intervals.

4. Portable and convenient to use?

Consider how practical the laser may be to use. For example, does it need to be plugged in? Does it use a re-chargeable battery? It is simple to operate? Is it comfortable to hold?

The Handy Cure laser is popular with clinical practitioners and is suitable for patients to use at home in between clinical visits. It is lightweight (220g) and highly portable, has a simple one-touch operation and is very affordable compared with other similar devices. The long battery life also makes it ideal for travel.

5. Warranty and Customer Support?

The Pulse Laser Relief laser is supported by the industry-leading two-year warranty. As an Australian company we offer local after-sales support to customers. Pulse Laser Relief provides its customers with an Australian/NZ power supply/charger.

Important precautions for consumers

Information on this website should not be considered as medical advice. For proper diagnosis of individual symptoms, consult your health professional.

Please consult your health professional before commencing treatment with the Handy Cure Laser device. Serious illness, injury or pain should not be self-diagnosed and self-treated. Please note, the Handy Cure Laser may not be effective for everyone. If pain continues, consult your health professional immediately.

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