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From chronic pain to business passion

From chronic pain to business passion

Pulse Laser Relief’s founder, Stuart McComb understands pain all too well. The Sydney-based father of two had a chronic illness and also a snowboarding accident in his early twenties. As a result he developed chronic pain with a debilitating daily headache, neck pain and back pain.


Like most pain sufferers, Stuart tried everything, and over the 10 years, grew sceptical of anyone offering a 'miracle cure'. Until in 2012 his physiotherapist, an academic studying low level laser therapy, introduced him to laser treatment. Cautiously optimistic after several treatments, Stuart purchased the Handy Cure laser to use at home in-between clinical visits.

As the saying goes, he liked it so much he bought the company, launching Pulse Laser Relief in Australia shortly after. Stuart gets a buzz knowing other pain sufferers using the Handy Cure have benefited too treating a wide range of conditions and injuries.

Pulse Laser Relief is the exclusive Australian and NZ distributor of the Handy Cure Laser with customers throughout the region and the world.

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