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Handy Pulse Laser Used on Australian Bush Fire Victims

Handy Pulse Laser Used on Australian Bush Fire Victims


The summer of 2019-2020 brought terrible devastation to Australia as unprecedented bushfires swept across and consumed the nation. Unfortunately, these bushfires not only destroyed the homes of many Australians, but native wildlife such as kangaroos, wombats and koalas were also severely affected - reports stating that over 480 million animals perished during this period. This figure fails to take into account the millions of animals that suffered life-threatening injuries and burns during this time, increasing the number of animals affected substantially.

Since the fires began, volunteers and vets from all across Australia stepped forward and took on the responsibility of treating these animals, giving them regular treatments and seeing to their every need until they recovered back to full health.

In early January, Pulse Laser Relief learned that the team at Animal Rehab Klinik were on the frontline treating wounds, musculoskeletal injuries and severe burns in animals and needed laser devices such as Handy Pulse Laser in their clinical centres. Our team at Pulse Laser Relief was delighted to donate a number of lasers to the cause. Since then our Handy Pulse Laser has been used by several veterinary teams such as Aussie Mobile Vet, Possumwood Wildlife and the Sydney Wildlife branch in Lithgow, who have all been working tirelessly around the clock to heal these animals and return them to their natural habitats as soon as possible.

Our Handy Pulse Laser is effective for treating the injuries incurred during the bushfires as the device emits natural red and infrared light energy which is absorbed by the body at the cellular level, to stimulate the body’s natural healing and regeneration mechanisms. This process fuels cells in the body and reduces oxidative stress, helping the anti-inflammatory system to work more effectively during the healing process. Laser therapy, also known as cold laser, is effective on both humans and animals and is a pain and drug free medical alternative that increases circulation and reduces pain, inflammation and scarring by prompting the body to heal itself naturally.

We are happy to report laser therapy has been very effective for healing animals suffering burns and other injuries. Our lasers have helped heal numerous animals affected during these horrible fires such as the two kangaroos ‘One-Eyed Jone’ whose injury led her to have her eye removed and ‘Waggy’ who suffered from a dislocated tail. We are very grateful to all the dedicated vets and volunteers and wish all the animals affected during this period a very speedy recovery.

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