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Health For ALL This World Health Day

Health For ALL This World Health Day


Today (April 7th) is World Health Day and in 2021, after a year-long global pandemic, our health has never been in sharper focus.

Around the world in 2020 Covid-19 cases and deaths soared and communities went into lockdown to contain the spread. This led to a secondary challenge for everyone to look after their general health and wellbeing. For people suffering chronic conditions during the pandemic, visiting health professionals became a difficult prospect. The “stay at home” message meant many people avoided getting treatments or visits to their doctor, for fear of getting sick or over-burdening the system.

The message for World Health Day 2021 is ‘Health for all’. A healthier world starts with better access to healthcare services and treatments for everyone, and the focus in 2021 is building a fairer, healthier world for everyone.

As many as one in five Australians experience chronic pain symptoms that severely limit a person’s capacity to do everyday things. This invisible illness can effectively control their life. Many pain sufferers are directed to take strong painkillers for short-term relief. Studies have found strong painkillers (such as prescription opioid medications) are only effective for short-term pain and are not recommended and can even be quite harmful for treating long-term pain symptoms.  Relying on medications or other passive treatments to relieve symptoms is one of the most disabling aspects of chronic illness.

A major challenge with having chronic health conditions is the increase in medical bills. Treatments can be costly (even with Medicare and private health fund rebates). At-home treatments can provide physical and economic relief. People with daily pain, discomfort and other symptoms can benefit enormously from affordable, natural, non-invasive therapies – including PEMF and Photobiomodulation treatments – at home.

Take back control of your health at home

You can play a significant role in how pain and other symptoms affect your life. Research has shown people with chronic pain who are actively involved in managing their pain on a daily basis, have less disability than those who are engaged in passive therapies, such as taking medication or surgery (Cousins MJ & Gallagher RM (2011) Fast Facts: Chronic and Cancer Pain). The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) recommends pain should be treated with a management plan that considers “a range of non-opioid modalities, with a focus on active rather than passive strategies”. Numerous studies have found home treatment regimes, prescribed by professionals, complement other treatments for a range of painful and inflammatory ailments.

Mission for Self-Health

At Pulse Laser Relief we are dedicated to raising awareness of at-home therapies – the future of ‘self-health’. Self-health radically changes the way you can manage pain and other symptoms (without pain medication). Thanks to high-quality health and wellness devices, you are empowered to improve your own health and manage symptoms at home, under the direction of health professionals, in between clinical treatments.

For nearly ten years, Pulse Laser Relief has helped thousands of people discover the advantage of affordable self-health products, relieving many different painful conditions. The product range includes high-quality Photobiomodulation (Cold Laser) devices and a range of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy devices – all designed for convenient and comfortable use at home, work or on the go.

All our devices are engineered to improve your health and wellbeing from head to toe.

By allowing you to take an active role in your own treatment, a home device restores confidence and gives you a sense of control over whatever pain or discomfort you feel. The advantage of portable and wearable devices is they can be used in the comfort and convenience of home, work, clinic or even while travelling.

Photobiomodulation Therapy

Photobiomodulation therapy (also called Low-Level Laser Therapy) uses visible red and infrared light (occurring naturally in the 600nm-1000nm spectrum) to super-charge the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Our bodies have light receptors in our cells, which convert light into energy, so Low-level laser therapy delivers the right amount of gentle light energy to where it’s needed most, to repair cells and reduce pain.

The Handy Pulse Laser delivers three different light radiances (635nm, 875nm and 905nm) to activate the body’s healing mechanisms at different depths beneath the skin. These radiance frequencies have been found to have synergistic benefits to effectively reduce mild arthritis symptoms, inflammation and pain – making it effective to treat a range of conditions.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, (PEMF), is a natural, non-invasive treatment that recharges and rejuvenates your body to restore better health. PEMF Therapy harnesses the gentle healing powers of the natural low electromagnetic frequencies to restore, regulate and rejuvenate the body. These healthy electromagnetic frequencies occur naturally in the Earth’s magnetic field and in every cell in the body. This electromagnetic energy is vital for optimum cellular health. Our bodies use electrical signals to send messages from and to the brain to maintain healthy function. When low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic waves penetrate the body, they work together with the body’s own bioelectric and biochemical healing processes. Working at the cellular level, PEMF activates energy production in cells to increase the life cycle and function of cells, a fundamental part of natural cell rejuvenation.

This technology has been used by medical practitioners for several decades. It was pioneered in the early 1980s when NASA scientists discovered the role the Earth’s electromagnetic field played on the health and wellbeing of astronauts.

PEMF has helped millions of people around the world improve their overall health and wellbeing, relieving a range of symptoms resulting from pain, inflammation, poor circulation and disturbed sleep.

Health for all

Both Photobiomodulation therapy and PEMF therapy devices are suitable for the whole family, giving everyone the confidence to live a healthy life.

Nothing can stop you now!

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