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How Does PEMF Help the Body Heal?

How Does PEMF Help the Body Heal?

PEMF (Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field) is a safe, natural therapy that focuses on healing and restoring the body to a healthy state with extremely low-frequency electromagnetic energy, similar to the energy found in nature. PEMF treatments are commonly used for (but not limited to) helping to heal damaged tissue and bone, relieve pain and promote recovery from injury. For more information on the science behind PEMF, please visit our blog post “What is PEMF”.

To understand how PEMF works to promote a healthy body, it is important to know the role electromagnetic energy plays in the human body. Electrical signals pulse constantly through the body, with the heart the major electricity generator. Every cell in the body needs energy to function. This energy is stored in the cell’s mitochondria - the ‘battery pack’ powering each cell - which is vital for the health of the body. PEMF therapy helps to strengthen these natural healing processes by delivering additional natural low frequency electromagnetic pulses to ‘charge’ cells, boosting the energy required to improve function and cell metabolism.

The therapeutic frequency of PEMF falls in the 5-30Hz range, which is at the extremely low end of the Electromagnetic spectrum - similar to the wavelengths of the Earth’s magnetic field, making it very safe.


The Earth’s electromagnetic field is an invisible force that positively impacts and interacts with all living things on earth. It has an average frequency pulsation of 7.83 hertz, known as the “Schumann resonance”, named after physicist Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann, who predicted it mathematically in 1952. Interestingly, 7.83 hertz is also the human brain’s average alpha frequency, which we experience when in a state of relaxation.

Without this natural protective electro-magnetic field, the body can suffer dramatically. This relationship has been studied by NASA, which observed the health of astronauts when they were away from Earth and unable to receive this force. The research found that when astronauts return to Earth after extended periods they can become unable to stand and/or leave the spacecraft without assistance. This is due to the atrophy and loss of bone density as a result of being away from the Earth’s electromagnetic field. To prevent this from occurring, astronauts now use PEMF devices during their space missions to ensure that tissue, bone and muscle density remains strong and healthy.

PEMF technology pulses at low frequencies to pass through skin, penetrating deep into the body down to a cellular level. Once these wavelengths are received by the cell its energy activates, encouraging natural repair mechanisms. Cells that have been damaged due to injury or trauma are likely to have lost charge, making it important for therapies such as PEMF to ‘recharge’ the cell back to a normal state.

Consistent treatment of PEMF has been proven to significantly reduce pain because healing of damaged tissue is influenced at a cellular level, compared with other pain management strategies that temporarily block pain signals but don’t treat the cause of pain).

  • Reduce post-operative pain
  • Reduce muscle pains
  • Reduce joint pains
  • Reduce nerve pain
  • Reduce headaches
  • Reduce pains associated with mild knee Osteoarthritis
  • Reduce symptoms associated with fibromyalgia
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Increase muscular repair
  • Increase immunity
  • Increase sleeping ability
  • Increase circulation
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What is PEMF?
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What is PEMF?
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