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How is the Handy Cure Laser different from other Low Level Laser devices

How is the Handy Cure Laser different from other Low Level Laser devices

Here at Pulse Laser Relief we are often asked "how is the Handy Cure Laser different to other lasers available on the market?" It's a good question, particularly as all low level laser devices use similar technology. The difference may come down to the wavelength, design, function and price.


In low level laser therapy, the therapeutic effects of a range of infrared wavelengths such as 808nm through to the 905nm are well known. So all lasers in these wavelengths treat pain and inflammation well.

The unique difference with the Handy Cure Laser is that it actually incorporates 3 wavelengths (905nm, 875nm, 635nm) and a magnetic field, giving you more therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions. It also has the 3 treatment settings to treat different areas and different types of pain and inflammation. You could call it the 'Swiss Army Knife' of low level lasers. 

Below is a list of other unique features of the Handy Cure Laser to help answer the questions you need to ask in your research, and allow you to easily compare with other lasers.

Pulse frequency              

The Handy Cure Laser has 3 modes, each with a different pulse frequency: 1000-2500 Hz/sec, 50 Hz/sec, 5 Hz/sec

For optimum results, select the right frequency mode to treat your specific condition. The laser comes with a comprehensive User Guide outlining the right Mode for many different areas of the body and different conditions, from acute and chronic pain to inflammation/swelling and even burns.

Treatment Area


Ergonomics of Self Treatment

The Handy Cure Laser is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 200g. It has an easy, one-touch operation - simply press 'Start' and lay device on the area for the duration of the 5 minute pre-programmed session (there is no need to hold any buttons down continuously or push laser onto the skin with pressure). This means it can be used comfortably for one or more treatment sessions while you can relax.

Power and Wavelength
  • 905nm maximum pulse power 25W (25,000mw)
  • Quality laser diode made by Osram in Germany with long diode life
  • Combined therapeutic effect of 3 light wavelengths 635nm visible red and 875nm LEDs and magnetic field
  • Long life rechargeable Lithium ion battery that lasts for 18 hours treatment time.

Why is the Handy Cure Laser less than half the price of some other lasers on the market? The answer is we are an online business so we can keep prices lower. Many Australian customers are on a budget so the Handy Cure Laser is priced competitively for the Australian market. Please be aware that relating price with quality should not be a consideration.

  • 2 Year warranty including Battery
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