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PEMF Clinical Trial - Managing Post-Operative Pain From Lumbar (spine) Surgery

PEMF Clinical Trial - Managing Post-Operative Pain From Lumbar (spine) Surgery


In recent years multiple clinical trials have been conducted testing whether regular treatments from a PEMF device are capable of reducing pain. More specifically, a trial in 2018 conducted by SKC LifeSciences evaluated if pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) was an effective treatment for reducing the chronic postoperative pain that patients continue to experience in the three to 36 months following lumbar (spine) surgery.

Lumbar decompression surgery aims to mend and release nerves that have been compressed in the lower spine. This procedure often leads to improvements in persistent pain and numbness in the lower back extending downwards to the legs. It is not uncommon for patients to experience quite severe post-operative pain after receiving this surgery with recovery times extending upwards of six weeks. Additional pain from swelling and inflammation can also make the recovery process from this procedure quite unpleasant with surgery often failing to reduce all types of pain.

Participants in the randomised, double-blind study received one of two doses of therapy - treatment from a PEMF device or a PEMF mock/sham device. Treatments were delivered by the subject in the comfort of their home, twice daily, for 60 days with hope to significantly decrease pain intensity in the lower back and radiating leg pain.

PEMF therapy is a technology that emits healthy electromagnetic frequencies to match those that naturally occur in Earth’s magnetic field. These frequencies positively affect cells in every form of life, giving them additional energy to increase cell functioning, stimulating optimal cellular rejuvenation. This process is important because as a cell becomes damaged, due to trauma from an injury or degenerative condition, it loses the ability to properly function and can become the site of pain and/or inflammation. By giving these cells a boost from a PEMF device the additional energy delivered recharges and restores cells to a healthy and optimal performing state. When the body is functioning in an optimal state, as a result of regular use of a PEMF device,  the chances of future injury becomes less likely as the body is better able to heal itself naturally. An additional benefit of this technology is that it is natural, pain-free and non-invasive.

The results from this study concluded that pain scores from participants that received PEMF treatments consistently throughout the 60-day period noticed a reduction in pain in the lower back by 40.2% and a 45% reduction in leg pain. This study supports the overall effectiveness of using PEMF therapy as a method of pain relief in patients who experience persistent pain post-lumbar surgery. Although encouraging, these outcomes should not be considered definitive as results are likely to vary depending on the severity of injury/condition. 

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