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Seven News investigates Low Level Laser Therapy

Seven News investigates Low Level Laser Therapy

The Channel Seven News report on 'Beating Back Pain' Aired last night (13 April). Since then, we have received a large increase in questions about Low Level Laser Therapy, and how it is used in chronic pain management.

If this video is not playing properly on some browsers, you can view it by clicking here.

I have been answering phone calls and emails continually since this went to air. Here are some of the most common questions:

How does it work? 

If you want the short answer, watch the news report on Channel 7 above. 

The longer answer is that Low Level Laser Therapy works by 'switching on' the body's natural healing and anti-inflammatory mechanisms at the cellular level. The body has a remarkable process of repairing in response to tissue damage. Light from the laser device helps this natural process. By placing a low level laser device directly where pain is felt, a beam of laser light goes deep into the tissue and cells. The cells convert the light energy into cellular energy which is essential for growth, rejuventation and healing. As the energy levels increase, blood flow increases, inflammation decreases and as a result, the pain signals sent to the brain are reduced. 

You can learn more about how Low Level Laser Therapy works here

Is Low Level Laser Therapy a new treatment?

No, light therapy has been around for more than a century, even though many people have not heard of it as a potential pain treatment. In fact, the combination of 3 low level laser wavelengths used in the Handy Pulse Laser was pioneered in the 1980s as a space program innovation. Eight decades earlier, red light was first used as a treatment for small pox in 1903. In the 1950s, infra-red laser light was discovered to have a remarkable effects when used on mice who had been shaved for the purpose of another experiment. When the mice's hair grew back thicker and faster than the control group, the scientist accidentally stumbled on an exciting result that we now know is helpful for many applications including relieving pain and wound healing.    

How much is a Low Level Laser Therapy consultation?

When people hear about a new treatment for their pain, many people want to know "where can I get it" and "how much does it cost"? If you are looking for a consultation from a laser practitioner, such as leading Laser therapist Dr Roberta Chow, then it will depend where you live and how many treatments you require for your specific pain. Yet what many people may not realise is that they can afford to buy their own Handy Pulse laser to use at home for $595.00 including Australia-wide free delivery

How Much is the Low Level Laser?

Laser devices for home use range from around $500 to $1300. Professional Low Level Lasers start from $3500. We sell the Handy Pulse Laser for $595. But don't be fooled by our great price this is a quality laser, with the American branded version retailing for US$2500.

If you have more questions, check out our FAQ page or contact us

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