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What Types of Conditions Can PEMF Treat?

What Types of Conditions Can PEMF Treat?

Back Pain

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, also known as PEMF, is a natural, non-invasive form of therapy that helps to recharge and rejuvenate damaged cells in the body, by supplying energy to restore them to a state of optimal performance and health.

PEMF devices work in conjunction with the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The human body is powered by electromagnetic energy, transferring signals throughout the brain, organs and cells. When this electromagnetic energy is disrupted (by injury, inflammation, disease, emotional stress or simply with age), cells are depleted and become unhealthy and damaged. When cells are unhealthy, our brain receives the signal and we feel symptoms or experience discomfort, pain and fatigue. PEMF effectively recalibrates the electrical performance of cells, to relieve and reduce these symptoms When a PEMF device emits a magnetic wavelength, it encourages the damaged cell membranes to function and repair. Nutrients can enter and waste can be removed more easily, improving the cell’s overall health. 

Various studies have found PEMF to be a promising form of therapy for treating a variety of conditions, aches and pains. More specifically PEMF is commonly used to:

Reduce Pain:

Many people who experience chronic and daily pain often use medication as their main form of therapy. However, this method often only masks pain symptoms. Alternative therapies such as PEMF provide a more comprehensive approach to pain reduction as they focus on healing the core of a problem. When a cell has undergone trauma, it becomes damaged causing pain to the host. Throughout this process the cell loses its charge, making it necessary to recharge the cell so that it has sufficient energy to repair itself and heal the cause of the pain. PEMF technology is one way to do this.

Reduce Inflammation:

Inflammation can arise as a result of injury, damage to an area of the body or poor circulation. Through research, PEMF therapy has been associated with a reduction of inflammation as an increase in blood flow results in a reduction of inflammatory fluids. This allows for cells to have a higher oxygen intake, which in combination with PEMF therapy, helps the cell heal faster and decrease inflammation more quickly.

Increase the rate of healing:

The healing rate of a wound or injury is likely to increase with the use of a PEMF device. This is due to damaged cells having external assistance away from the body’s natural healing processes, giving it more energy to use while it repairs and regenerates itself. Think of it like completing a big task by yourself - with help from another person you will likely complete it faster.

Improve immune functioning:

PEMF treatments ensure that cells are nourished and perform at an optimal state. This means that specific elements of the immune system become detoxified by PEMF therapy and therefore are strengthened, promoting more efficient cell growth and restoration. A damaged cell cannot effectively release toxins. Once it has been restored to a healthy state these toxins are flushed, increasing immune responses. The healthier the cell, the more capable it is of using its nutrients to heal and tend to other areas of the body that may need to be revitalised.

Improving sleep quality and disorders:

PEMF therapy has been found to help prepare the brain and body for sleep not only improving the quality of sleep that one endures but also helps keep the body in a relaxed state to maintain sleep throughout the night.

PEMF promotes the release of Melatonin and Human Growth Hormones, which are both essential hormones that the body requires to maintain healthy sleep patterns. Regarding sleep disorders, stimulation of the brain with low-frequency PEMF devices has been found to be beneficial as the wavelengths interact with the brain by mimicking deep sleep state rhythms which it then can replicate and use to help the body fall asleep naturally.

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