Ankle Joint Pain

Please see treatment session procedures for your reference to use the Handy Pulse Laser

Session Procedure

No. Exposure Area Frequency Exposure Time
1 Popliteal Pit


5 min
Areas around talocrural joint:

– rear projection of the joint (Achilles' tendon)

Variable mode 

1000Hz to 2500Hz    

2 min each

per each zone


– side projections of the joint under the ankle on the right and on the left;


– front projection of the joint;


Along the lumbosacral spine (L4–Co), paravertebral, scanning

Variable mode

1000Hz to 2500Hz

2 min per side

Session frequency......... 1 session per day or on alternative days

Course....................10–15 sessions

Repeated courses should be based on indications, in 3-4 weeks.

Up to 3 laser therapy courses should be conducted during the chronic process.

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