Choosing Between The Mini PEMF and The PEMF Mat





The PEMF Mat is suitable for treating chronic and long term conditions. The overall frequency emitted from the mat is slightly lower than that from the Mini PEMF. This device is intended for long term use and therefore can be delivered through a more gradual and lower intensity approach. The mat is capable of treating areas up to 35cm in height making this the perfect device for treating larger regional areas of the body such as the back.

Link to product: PEMF Mat


Mini PEMF:

The Mini PEMF is better suited for treating acute injuries and conditions that have occurred recently and are less deep-rooted. These kinds of injuries/conditions do not require long term treatments and therefore the device’s frequency can be delivered at a higher level to heal the body in a shorter amount of time. The single coils included can treat an area extending up to 5cm around each individual coil. The Mini PEMF is suitable for smaller spot treatments as each individual coil can treat a total area of approximately 9.5cm x 9.5cm.

Link to product: Mini PEMF


Mini PEMF with Quad Coils:

The quad coil attachment for the Mini PEMF device is suitable for treating acute conditions that occupy a larger surface area than the single coils alone can treat. As this attachment is an addition to the Mini PEMF, it too delivers treatments at a higher frequency than the PEMF Mat for a short-term approach to healing. Each quad coil is 9cm x 9cm and the PEMF treatment is emitted for an additional 5cm around the coils exterior edge. This means PEMF treatments with this attachment reach a potential surface area of approximately 15cm x 15cm per quad coil.

Link to product: Quad Coils