Handy Pulse Laser Instructions

Here are some simple instructions on using your Handy Pulse Laser (also known as the Handy Cure).

Ensure the laser device is fully charged before first use - charge for 24 hours. The battery indicator light should be green if the laser has sufficient charge. * Please note the device doesn't work when plugged into the mains power, it will only turn on when wireless

1. Turning the Laser On

Turn the laser ‘On’ by placing the device over the palm of your hand then press and hold the Start/Stop button down for 2 seconds until you hear a long beep. (If the device has not been used within 24 hours, it will run a self-test and 3 lights will blink). 
When 2 lights turn green the Laser is ready to use. 

2. Selecting a treatment Mode

To select the desired treatment setting, press the Mode button until the corresponding light appears beside:
Low - Variable Mode (1000 to 2500Hz)
Medium - 50Hz Mode or
High - 5Hz Mode

3. Starting treatment

Press the Start/Stop button to commence the treatment session. 
The green treatment indicator light will flash and a red light will be seen pulsing from the lense.  When you see the red pulse light your device is ready to use for treatment.

Position and hold the laser directly on the skin and on the area where pain is present. If pain occurs in a larger area, gently move the laser around the area maintaining contact with the skin.

Note: The laser will not work while connected to power.

4. Treatment time

Each treatment session is automatically programmed to last for 5 minutes. If a shorter session is required, press the Start/Stop button to manually stop the session after the desired time.

At the end of the session, the treatment light will stop flashing and 2 short beeps are heard. The laser will then power off automatically.

When the laser beeps and treatment light stops flashing, you can repeat the session or move to another area. Select another program via the Mode button or press the Start/Stop button to repeat the treatment as required.

5. Turning the laser Off

The laser will power off automatically after 5 mins, however if you need to turn off the laser before the session is complete, hold down the Start/Stop button for 3 seconds until all lights go out. Two short beeps and one long beep will be heard. 

The power-saving/safety function ensures that if left on without use for several minutes, the device will turn off automatically (a beep will sound).


Direct or reflected laser radiation should be prevented from direct eye contact
  • Use protective eyewear for treatment on face
  • Pregnant women should not apply the device in the vicinity of the womb
  • Do not use in the vicinity of a pacemaker
  • Treatment is not recommended in cancer cases
  • The lens screwed onto the device is an integral part of the device. Do not remove the lens, unless for cleaning purposes
  • During treatment, the lens must be screwed in its place onto the device
  • Keep the device away from children
  • Children under the age of 18 years should be treated under the supervision of an adult




The laser unit automatically undertakes a self-check 24 hours after use (device remained switched off for 24 hours) that ensures the required power output is available before allowing the device to operate. It also has a safety feature to  minimise risks of injury from direct eye contact; the unit will only turn on when the laser is placed facing down into the palm of the hand or other surface, and only when the Start/Stop button is held down for 2 seconds. Use protective eyewear (supplied) for treatment on face.


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