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Australian Distributor for Handy Cure LLLT Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

Sydney, 29 November 2012

Sydney-based wholesaler Pulse Laser Relief (subsidiary of Elusor Pty Ltd) has been appointed the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of Handy Cure Laser device – an affordable hand-held pulsed low intensity laser therapy device that can be used at home for the treatment and management of acute and chronic pain. The Handy Cure Laser is a low intensity laser device that combines a pulsed 905nm laser with red LED, and infrared LED light therapy.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is gaining strong support among health professionals in the treatment of inflammatory pain and chronic pain management.

The Handy Cure laser radically changes the way patients can access fast acting relief as part of a clinically managed regime – via a portable hand held device that may be used in the home. The laser – rated 905nm – is small, yet powerful and is affordable for the individual user or clinician.

Stuart McComb, Principal of Pulse Laser Relief became the exclusive distributor following a very positive personal experience with the product. “Pulsed laser therapy can help the recovery process or offer temporary relief of debilitating pain associated with various conditions. Our goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of pulsed laser therapy, and the wide array of treatments it complements,” said Mr McComb.

Pulse Laser Relief supplies the Handy Cure Laser therapy device to health professionals, individuals and resellers across Australia and New Zealand. The product should be used as directed by a clinical practitioner to ensure correct use and appropriate dosage.

For further information about LLLT Laser Therapy and sales, please visit www.pulselaserrelief.com.au

About Pulse Laser Relief

Pulse Laser Relief was established in early 2012 and is a distributor of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT Laser Therapy) devices for use by non-medical professionals. The Pulse laser devices are designed to be used by patients under the direction of medical specialists. Pulse supports health professionals such as pain specialist doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, and chiropractors through supplying simple and relatively affordable lasers to their patients. Patient home treatment regimes that are prescribed by professionals in between clinic lasers treatments have been found to complement clinic treatments for a range of ailments. Pulse Laser Relief's mission is to increase the general public's awareness of Low Level Laser Therapy and its wide applications.

We are located in NSW, but deliver the Handy Cure Laser device throughout Australia, including Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Hobart, regional Australia and to New Zealand.

About Handy Cure Laser Australia

The Handy Cure Laser is made by Medical Quant which has been researching and developing Low Intensity Laser Light Therapy since 2005.

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