PEMF Mat Placement Guide

How should I position my PEMF Mat?

There are several ways that you can position the MiraMate PEMF Mat to treat various aches, pains and conditions. Simply place the mat under, over or around the area of your body that you wish to deliver the PEMF treatment to and turn the device on. It's that simple!

The three most common ways to place the PEMF mat are:

1. Lay the mat flat along the treatment area

  • This method can be used to apply treatments while sleeping, sitting or laying down
  • Note: The mat is long enough to treat the entire length of the spine

2. Bend the mat to treat an angled area (ex: elbow)

  • This method treats all parts of the body in contact with the mat

3. Wrap the mat around the treatment area

  • This placement allows the area to be treated with a 360 degree approach treating the whole area from the outside in

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