Can the laser burn me?

No, the Handy Pulse Laser is a safety class 1M laser device and produces no heat.

Does the 5 minute treatment refer to one area or total time of treatment?

This refers to the pre-programmed 5 minute treatment session. The user guide outlines the number of sessions required for each type of application, e.g. two or three sessions.

Is the laser safe for my eyes?

The Handy Pulse Laser is a Class 1 laser which means there are no eye safety requirements. However, it does still come with a pair of safety glasses.

Is the laser safe to use near metal implants?


Is the laser used directly on the skin? Can you use it over clothing?

Yes, the Handy Pulse Laser is used directly on the skin. It is not recommended to be used over clothing.

What are the contraindications?

  • Pregnant women should not apply the device in the vicinity of the womb
  • Do not use in the vicinity of a pacemaker
  • Treatment is not recommended in cancer cases.
What safety mechanisms does the Handy Pulse Laser have?

The Handy Pulse Laser has a built in safety mechanism that it can only be turned on when the lens is facing down into the palm of your hand, and the start/stop button is held down for two seconds.

Every 24 hours between uses the laser device runs a check of the dose specifications, if for any reason the therapeutic dose is not correct the device will shut down and not work.

Questions about proper usage, contraindications and other safety mechanisms.