Single Coil Placement Guide


MiraMate Mini PEMF Device coil positioning styles:


  • Increases treatment area
  • Treatment depth is shallow


  • Increases depth of treatment
  • Bumps on coils must be facing each other

Above & Below:

  • Treats entire area between the two coils
  • Recommended for most treatments


  • Coils can be placed on two separate areas of the body, treating two areas and the same time.
  • Treatment depth is shallow


Note: Coils can be placed and used over clothing as long as the material is not too thick.

Testing your coils:

Each MiraMate Mini PEMF Device order includes a coil tester that can be used to test whether the two coils are operating properly.

  1.  Place coil tester on a flat surface
  2. Turn on MiraMate Mini PEMF Device
  3.  Place single coil on top of coil tester
  4.  If red light begins to flash your coil is operating properly

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