Can I use two lasers at the same time during the same treatment?

Yes, you can use two lasers at the same time in different areas.

Can low level laser assist blood circulation?

Yes, at the tissue level, blood microcirculation increases during and after the administration of low level laser therapy.

Can you use the laser on animals?

Yes, you can use the laser on animals. Many people use the laser on dogs and horses.

Does the Handy Pulse Laser have different treatment settings?

Yes the 905nm pulsed laser component has three treatment settings. The first is variable which is 1000-2500Hz, 50Hz and 5Hz.

How deep does the laser penetrate?

The laser penetrates to a depth of approximately 10 centimetres.

How do I use the laser?

Here is a simple instruction video on using the Handy Pulse Laser device.

How many treatments will I need?

This is dependent on your condition. Some people will experience some relief of symptoms relatively quickly, while others may take longer. You should take guidance from your medical practitioner for how many therapeutic laser treatments you should perform and how regularly.

What will I feel during a treatment session?

Some people might feel a slight warming effect but usually people feel nothing during the treatment.

I hear a buzzing sound when I turn on / start using the device, is this normal?

When the device is on Variable mode there is a buzzing sound which is normal operation of the device.

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