Vielight General

Are these covered by medical insurance?

No, they are not unless your insurance plan covers wellness devices.

Can I carry and use Vielight devices on a plane?

Yes, you can.

Can I share a unit with my partner/spouse?

Yes, you can. It is recommended that you clean the nasal applicator with a swab of alcohol between each consequent use. If you are not comfortable with sharing, you can always purchase a separate nose applicator.

Do the units come with instructions?

Yes, there is a manual provided within the packaging.

What benefits do you get by buying a Neuro and not the Vielight 810?

– The Neuro covers a larger area of the brain through the transcranial diodes and the intranasal applicator. It has been designed to irradiate the “default mode network” of the brain.

– The Neuro is better for people suffering from traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative conditions. The 810 was designed for casual use.

What is the difference between the Vielight 810 and the Neuro?

– The Vielight 810 is a near infrared (NIR) intranasal-only device that was engineered for everyday use.

– The Neuro was designed to deliver a more comprehensive treatment. It is an infrared transcranial headset combined with an intranasal Neuro applicator. It has a significantly higher power density than the Vielight 810. Its recommended usage is once every two or three days.

What’s the difference between the Vielight 655 and Vielight 633?

The Vielight 655 utilizes a low level laser diode while the Vielight 633 utilizes a LED. Lasers have a longer research history than LEDs. However, the usage of LEDs is gaining popularity in the field of photobiomodulation.

General Inquiries about Vielight