Vielight Technology

How long do the diodes last?

Our intranasal diodes are built from transparent high impact polycarbonate. They are built to last for years and are covered by a year-long manufacturer’s warranty.

I have been using my intranasal for some time. Now there is no light at the applicator. What is wrong?

There are two reasons why your applicator has not light.

  • – The first reason is the device is switched on without the applicator. To rectify this, switch the power off, attach the cable to the control unit and then switch the power on again.
  • – If there is still no light, check for a persistent green light at APP Fault. If there is a green light there, the applicator is faulty. The applicator will be replaced by us if it is still under warranty, please contact us
What batteries do your devices use?
  • – The 633, 655 and 810 Vielight devices use 1.5 V AA batteries
  • – The Neuro is rechargeable (charging unit is provided)
What is near infrared (NIR) light?

Near infrared light is electromagnetic radiation (700-1400 nm) within the electromagnetic spectrum. It is mostly invisible to the naked eye.

Where are Vielight devices made?

Components come from different parts of the world. They are assembled in the USA and Canada.

Questions and answers about diodes, batteries, NIR light etc.