Vielight Treatment

Does it matter which nostril I use?

It does not matter which nostril is used. However, users with sinus issues and/or eye issues may interchange nostrils to target both sinuses, optic nerves and both eyeballs.

How long does each session last?

The Vielight intranasal units are auto-timed for 25 minutes, while the Neuro is timed for 20 minutes.

How often should I use my Vielight devices?

We recommend using the intranasal units twice every day, once in the morning and once at night.

However, we recommend using the Vielight Neuro once every second day.

I am going to share my device with other people. Can I cover the applicator with a plastic cap or other materials?

No, this would reduce the coherency of the light source and will reduce its effectiveness.

I do not see any light at the 810 nose applicator. Is this normal?

Light at 810nm is near invisible. Sometimes people mistakenly think the applicator is faulty as the light can appear to be dimming or even invisible when viewed at certain angles. However, the power density is deceptively stronger than what it appears to be.

What other applications do Vielight devices have?

Some users have used our intranasal devices to address gum infections by placing the diode next to the infected area in their mouth. However, the most effective area would be intranasal area because it is rich with blood capillaries along with its proximity to the brain.

Which of the three intranasal units is the best?

No unit is the best. Pick the model that best suits what you are trying to address. The Vielight 633/655 emphasise the body, the immune system and cardiovascular issues. The Vielight 810 and the Neuro emphasise the brain.

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