Part 1: Bone Fractures

The use of laser therapy in traumatology for the treatment of fractures contributes to the rapid formation of provisional callus, accelerated consolidation process, termination of pain and swelling, and decreasing convalescence duration.

Laser therapy should start on the second day after the fracture.

! In case of a rib fracture and suspected hemothorax or pneumothorax, laser therapy should be used with care only after the evacuation of blood, stoppage of bleeding, etc.

During laser therapy in case of immobilization using casts, one should leave the "window" in the fracture projection area. Splints should be removed before laser therapy sessions.

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No. Exposure Areas Frequency Exposure Time
1 The 4th intercostal space at the left sternum edge

5 Hz

2 min
2 Transcutaneous Laser Blood Irradiation - TLBI (see part 2) in projection zones of major vessels closest to the fracture location (not shown in the figure) 50 Hz 5 min per side

Fracture zone via the "window" in the cast* (not shown in the figure)

Variable mode
1000Hz to 2500Hz
5 min 

Session frequency ............................................................... 1 session per day 

Course ................................................................................... 10 - 15 sessions

*In the case of rib fractures in the heart projection zone, laser therapy is conducted at 5 Hz!

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Customer Stories

Review from Margaret last 14 Feb 2017:

"I started to use the Handy Cure Laser after my initial laser course at Quantum Pain Management, at the recommendation from the doctor there. I have severe arthritis on the medial side of my left knee and after tearing the medial meniscus it exposed bone on bone. I managed this with Synvisc injections from my orthopaedic surgeon over two years but these became ineffective. I then had PRP injections, a course of three with good effect which lasted for several months. In October 2016 after reading about cold laser I contacted Quantum. I am a specialist doctor and understand the process. I completed the initial laser course in early December 2016 and went on a trip to Patagonia where I was trekking in the mountains. I took the Handy Cure with me and used it after a long walk. Initially we were trekking for 5 consecutive days then had 3 days rest then 2 more consecutive days, 2 days rest and shorter easier walks over the next 5 days. I used the Handy Cure during the big treks. I had minimal pain which settled well with minimal discomfort in between. I had my final check up with Quantum on 30th January and don’t need to see them again. I have been advised to get another PRP injection to assist the healing process from cold laser. I trek train walk for 3 hours one night a week and over the next 3 months every second Sunday morning. I plan to trek in Nepal in October so if the current improvement continues that should be possible."

Review from Joshua last 17 Feb 2016

"I bought the Handy Cure laser for my mother. She has had both hips replaced in the past year and spinal surgery five years ago. A very complex 72 year old patient, she took a very hard fall on the ice two months ago and had hairline rib fractures and a bone bruise on her femur at the right trochanter. She had excruciating pain for a month and several trips to the ER and multiple visits to see her doctors and was using a walker for all movement, a very grim situation. Within 4 to 5 days of using the Handy Cure 3 to 4 times per day over her hips, spine, and ribs her pain levels dropped by 70%. It's the first time since her fall she's had any relief and it's the only therapy she was doing. Amazing results and she is well on her way to a great recovery, I’m very impressed!"

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